Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What is the fascination with crochet?

It's relaxing, therapeutic, more fun than housework, a cool way to express myself, I could go on...but I won't!

I learned to crochet when I was about 10 or 11. I already knew how to knit. I've done both ever since, although I think I've knitted more until recently. I took crochet up again after a few years break when I was looking at something to do that was quick and portable. I take the bus to work so a crochet hook is easier to manage than knitting needles, although I use circulars more now which makes bus knitting much easier.

I love the range of crochet patterns available now. It used to be a bit daggy to crochet, reserved for grannies who pumped out baby clothes and doilies. Of course there is nothing wrong with either, but now that crochet is back in fashion, there is no restriction on what you can make.

I have dabbled in designing patterns, mostly by adapting patterns for Australian yarn tensions. The good thing about hats is that the basic pattern doesn't really change, it is like a formula. Now that I've finally nailed the formula (and unpicked many lumpy hats in the learning process!) I can use whatever yarn I have at hand and experiment with different size hooks.

And who are the big winners? My kids and grandchildren! My granddaughters have an ever growing collection of cute hats that they are crash testing. One of my daughters has a couple of hats and bags and I am never short of a new fashion accessory.

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