Friday, November 13, 2009

Good and not so good

The good bit?  I have a job!  It is in a call centre, part time, and pretty much all I do is read from scripts over and over again.  It isn't rocket science, but after the stress I've was under in my previous job, this is perfect for  me at this time.  I guess a lot of people would look at me and say that I'm a bit of a in a house that is due to be knocked down, little part time job that doesn't quite pay the bills.....single at 48 etc etc....but right now I couldn't be happier :-)

The bad?   This won't mean much to those "ordinary" folk who don't knit or crochet (or do any other art or craft work for that matter) but almost every thing I have tried to make over the last few weeks has been a disaster!  I've made -  a cushion cover for my daughter - this turned out alright in the end but I forgot to make a 3rd buttonhole in the centre of the front flap so it doesn't sit quite right...she loves it anyway so that's a good thing!

In progress - a mohair blend wrap - it's going alright but I managed to drop 2 stitches right at the beginning and didn't notice until I'd done 10cm or so of rib...will have to darn when I'm finished and hope it looks alright.

A felted crochet bag - first of all I couldn't get the squares to look right so had to dump 3 of them and use another square pattern that I use a lot.  Next, I joined the squares but managed to join one to the wrong corner....after 6 or so rounds in different colours I realised the item was twisted, so had to pull it back and re-do.  This bag should only take me a couple of days but so far has been over a week!  Grrrr

I'm wondering if I can only crochet and knit properly when other aspects of my life are in turmoil.....knitting as therapy!  I wrote about this aspect of crafting in an earlier post and have found that I do go through periods where everything I touch turns to knots!  On the other hand, when I'm going through a therapeutic phase, I probably still make mistakes but am more determined to keep going until I fix it.  Now that I'm more relaxed I make a mistake and put it away for a couple of days until I can be bothered to correct it.  I guess that at the moment the need to prove to myself that I am good at what I do isn't as critical as a month or so ago...after all I feel that I have my strength and self-esteem back after a prolonged and intense battering by my former employers....!