Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ever Creative

One of the best things about the changes I have made in my life recently is working part time.   I now have time to spend on my crafts and I can spend a whole day sewing or knitting if I so choose.  Admittedly my job doesn’t pay enough to fully support me, but I reckon the trade off of using some of my savings to supplement my income is well worth it. 

I’m still trying to figure out a way to start my wool cafe.  The only way I can study the small business course for free and receive mentoring is if I’m not working. The allowance I can get for doing this is around $A550 a fortnight, which will only just pay the rent.  I would have to use more of my savings just to survive, then take the risk of trying to get finance to open the shop and risk not making any money for at least a couple of years.  Pretty scary! 

I’m in an interesting place…I now have a way to realise my dream but I will have to whittle away what little savings I have.  I could just give up on the dream and get a full time job and a mortgage, but somehow after all I’ve been through in the past few years this doesn’t look like much of an option to me.  I’ve realised that all the time I work to fulfil someone else’s dream I’m ignoring mine…not what I want at all.

I’ve been branching out with my crafting, partly to take a bit of a break from knitting/crochet, but also with a view to incorporating another craft into my business plan.  I realise I can’t go too crazy and get too far away from my basic idea but wool crafts in summer in Australia does take a bit of a back seat.  Our summers are usually long and hot, not conducive to knitting at all.  Granted, I and many others are hardened to our climate and will knit no matter what the barriers, but the new knitters that I am trying to target aren’t interested until Autumn!

I’ve been playing with a semi-decoupage idea of mounting retro adverts onto MDF boards for hanging.  I’ve done a couple but I’m still working on getting them mounted smoothly.  It’s getting there but nowhere near ready for public consumption.  I’m also revisiting cushion making and mounting funky matching fabrics on canvas to sell in sets. Pictures to follow!  I’m also looking at re-purposing old furniture, but I don’t have the necessary skills just yet.  I’m thinking about doing a couple of courses to bring myself up to speed.

So, after reading all of this, I’m sure you can see why I’m so happy to be working part time!

If I don’t get to do any more blogging this year, I wish whoever is reading a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.  Cherish your family, be thankful for the good that may have come about for you and let the mistakes of the past year help guide you to better experiences for 2010 and beyond :-)

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