Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hats, hats and more hats

I was going through my big bag of crocheted hats today, picking some out to list on Oztion. Some of the hats may become re-works so I won't be selling them. I really love making small items like hats and bags. I can finish them quickly (average hat takes an hour) which gives me a great sense of achievement and if I or one of my family need a particular colour or style I can make them up that day...very convenient.

I mentioned in an earlier post that crochet is wonderful therapy for me. On reflection, I think my latest hat making frenzy is providing me with some emotional relief, due to a situation I am facing at work. I won't go into details, but I'm currently on stress leave. I actually couldn't pick up my hook at all on Monday, which is almost unheard of for me! I think I'm getting my crochet mojo back though...I've been working on another market bag and whipped up a quick beanie last night...although said beanie was pretty bloody awful! I do hate it when you use the same brand of wool for 2 hats but one turns out a different size from the other! I used Carnival Effects from Big W. The last one I used was quite soft but this one is much firmer, so the hat is bigger, stiffer and just yuk...might have to turn it into some squares for an afghan.

Here are some pics of my recent works – I will be adding patterns soon. I'm still working on getting them technically correct, so anyone who uses them doesn't end up with the world's weirdest shaped hat, which is what happened to me the other week!

Some of my designs are based on hats that I already own and have adapted for local yarns. Some are similar to those that you see on the numerous free pattern sites on the internet. If I have made something using the exact pattern I will be sure to link to the pattern author's site/blog, otherwise I will start putting my patterns up soon. They are all pretty much what you would see on other sites, with the emphasis on using locally available yarns.

Baby beanie...I love babies in beanies! They look so cute! This one will fit birth – 3 months and was made from some baby acrylic that started life as a pram cover. I think it was 8ply and I used a 5mm hook. Again that's a guestimation...I must start documenting patterns as soon as I make them, instead of trying to remember 2 weeks after the fact....oh well...

Lady's cotton/acrylic blend beanie. This is sooo soft, it's gorgeous. A little tricky to work with but bearable for such a small item. The colour changes are hard to see in the picture but the crown is blue tones, turning more to grey as you reach the brim. Had I been making something bigger, you would have seen pink tones creeping in as well. The yarn was Panda Fuchsia, which was at Big W for $2 a ball....1 hat uses ¾ of a ball. Funnily enough this one isn't listed on the Panda site, so I'm not sure if it is discontinued or so new it hasn't been added yet.

Last one for now...Crimson variegated newsboy cap. I have spent a LOT of time getting my head around the circular increase mixed with Front Post Treble stitch thing. Lord knows why, as it's not really that hard. I've pretty much nailed it now which is great, as I'm itching to make some more berets and newsboys using different combinations of stitches. I will knit a couple as well, as I love the ones with cables, but that will take longer and I'm becoming addicted to the fast turnover of crochet. The brim looks unnaturally huge but that is just the way I photographed it. I haven't tried making the stiff brims yet, but have a couple of 2litre milk bottles lined up ready to cut templates from.

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